Tuesday, 18 September 2012

ADHD Coaching

ADD / ADHD Coaching at ADDvance Treatment Centres -- Why Hire a well trained Coach?

ADD Coaching can be an important part of a comprehensive program for individuals with ADD. The coaching dialogue initiates and encourages ownership and self-responsibility, helping you to navigate the obstacles in your way, while you develop your own skills and strategies to reach your goals.

Why hire an ADD Coach?

    •  Our ADD coaches have personal experience, background understanding, listening skills and the ability to explore the complexity of how ADHD affects each client.

    •  The coach works with the client to help reframe their ADHD experience helping to diminish the self-blame that has contributed to feelings of poor self-esteem. Coaching helps the client experience a new awareness that explains their underperformance or areas of challenges.

    •  The coach and client explore the paradoxes of ADHD and how to plan for it. ADHD is situational and paradoxical. The ADD coach helps support the client`s learning, and why their ADHD, manifests in certain situations but not in others.

    •  Coaching helps the client articulate their ADHD challenges. ADHD can manifest a variety of impulsive, hyperactive, and attentional obstacles that can impair the quality of an individual’s life. Together, client and coach co-develop strategies to effectively manage them.

    •  The ADD coach helps the client see what they are paying attention to. Finding the clients true strengths, passion and internal character traits that will help them reframe their sense of self, moving forward.

    •  ADD Coaches listen with belief, compassion and understanding and reflect back to their client what they are receiving. They are supportive and non-judgemental and create an environment of trust and sharing, while helping the client gain insights and courage to employ the strengths and skills they have always possessed.

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