Thursday, 27 September 2012

ADHD/ADD Coaching: Time Management tips for students

 Time Management, Personal Organization and more by Ari Petroff, an ADHD/ADD Coach at ADDvance Treatment Centres -- A specialized ADHD/ADD treatment centre in Toronto.


ADHD/ADD and Time Management tips

  • Create to-do list for the next day every night
  • Do a weekly version before the week begins
  • Write all appointment times for doing course work using the calendar or planner. Including leisure activities and household chores
  • Check the planner AT THE SAME TIME every day to see what needs to be done
  • Set Alarm reminders for scheduled activities, class times, study time, and personal appointments
  • Have a timer beep every hour to get a sense of the clock
  • Break down all tasks into doable chunks on a master calendar, white board, etc

ADHD/ADD and Personal Organization tips

  • Label Everything. Color code and delegate a color for specific subjects (The calendar provided works great for this)
  • Do a daily maintenance. Pick up all loose items to eliminate as much clutter and maintain order so that the mess doesn’t bombard you and have a negative emotional affect
  • Give each item it’s own default “home”
  • Avoid Overload. Do you need every sheet of paper in your binder?

Working Memory

Take as much pressure “off your brain” in order to remember things without having to think about it.
  • Use an audio recording to remember things
  • When doing work, set time aside (the beginning works well) to review previous material20-30 minute review sessions work better than the last minute CRAMMING
  • Take notes as you go rather than waiting until after the factUse “post its,” “bunny ears,” or anything other means to mark the important material
  • When reading, the more senses that are involved, the better then chance for memory retention.

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