Tuesday, 25 September 2012

ADHD/ADD Success Strategies at School

Tips and strategies for students with ADHD/ADD while at school by ADDvance Treatment Centres -- A specialized ADHD treatment centre in Toronto

Tips & Strategies while at School

  • Treat school as your daily job (8hrs)
  • Set routines
  • Use pill boxes to remember Meds
  • Leave extra time for planning
  • Set boundaries
  • Keep it organized - Use files, cabinets, alarms, gadgets, computers, etc.
  • Help assist working memory by taking pressure off your brain
  • Embrace and cater to your own learning style
  • Use a reward system for a job well done

Other Strategies for Consideration

  • Find others who have ADHD at the school
  • Join a support group for students with ADHD
  • Sit at the front of the classroom
  • Get a Note taker, or find a note taking service.
  • Find out if you can get transcripts from lectures
  • Break down all tasks into doable chunks
  • Find friends who are “academically” oriented rather than “socially” orientated

Connect to why you’re at school. If you know what you want to do afterward, then your course of action can be catered towards your end goal. Those who aren’t connected to an outcome tend to be the ones who struggle more.

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