Monday, 24 September 2012

Coaching for ADHD/ADD at ADDvance Treatment Centres

Coaching is a process that involves a dialogue between coach and client aimed at creating self-awareness and development of the client in a supportive and trusting environment. Our Coaches partner with clients to help them achieve their goals, establish what is important to them, clarify their values and then co-create strategies and skills to achieve them. Coaching is individualized and action-based, allowing the client to build productive habits and systems.
ADD Coaches have the added experience and understanding of ADHD – how it presents, the impact on self-esteem and beliefs and the challenges this can create for clients.
Having a Coach is like having a dance partner – someone to share the floor with you – you still lead, but you feel confident that you have unconditional support as you move forward step by step.

A successful coaching relationship involves 3 core components:

  • Partnership – The client identifies for the coach the areas he/she needs help in addressing.
  • Structure – The coach and client should establish structures that work with the clients strengths.
  • Process – Discussions between coach and client should be about creating solutions – not exploring or assigning blame

Coaching is NOT...

Coaching is not therapy. It is not about exploring the background or history and getting to the root of a problem. It is about finding language, strategies and skills to move forward. To face the daily challenges with a sense of understanding and a plan of action to address them in your own unique way. Coaching is focused on the future and creating solutions.

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