Thursday, 4 October 2012

ADHD Breakfast Ideas for Kick starting your day!

ADD/ADHD Nutrition Tips for Kick Starting Your Day!

Here are some Breakfast ideas from our ADD/ADHD nutritionist, Kate Leinweber

The 5 Minute Breakfast Fix
Smoothies are a quick breakfast and easily pack in nutrient dense foods to start your day off right. Choose from the list below and create your own. In each smoothie include at least two fruits, one protein source, and one healthy oil.
  • Fruit - Banana, Mango, Mixed Berries, Apple, Pear, Melon
  • Protein - ½ cup Plain Yogurt, 1 tbsp Nut Butter
  • Healthy Oils - ½ an avocado, ¼ cup shredded Coconut, 1 tbsp Flax seeds, 1 tbsp Hemp seeds
Place into a blender and add Unsweetened Nut Milk, Whole Milk or Water to blend well.

The Sit down Breakfast
Classic Eggs on Toast. Eggs are a high quality protein source as well as they provide phospholipids which the brain needs to function. Enjoy Eggs on Whole grain Toast. Variations on cooking.
  • Basted Egg: Melt butter in a pan on medium heat. Crack eggs in and add a splash of water. Cover and leave for ~3 minutes or until the white is cooked, but the yolk still runny. The butter and water combination protects the yolk from the hot cooking surface. Use sea salt and pepper to taste.
  • Scrambled: Melt butter in a pan on medium-low heat. Crack eggs into a bowl and whisk with some sea salt and pepper to taste. Pour into pan and stir with a spatula until cooked. The low heat and slow cooking keeps the nutrients intact.

Breakfast on the Run
These travel well so you can eat your breakfast on the commute, or in the first few minutes of class.
  • Whole Grain Toast with Nut butter, and a banana.
  • Banana with a handful of nuts.
  • Whole Plain Yogurt with fruit & honey.
Tip: Make your breakfast the night before. In the morning just grab it from the fridge and go

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