Tuesday, 9 October 2012

ADHD/ADD Coaching: Our Coaching Team

The ADHD/ADD Coaching Team at ADDvance Treatment Centres -- A specialized ADHD/ADD treatment centre in Toronto for adults, teens and children

Robin Storfer, MSW, ACPC, ACC,

Robin is a Certified Professional Coach specializing in supporting families impacted by ADHD. Since Robin’s son was diagnosed with ADHD at a young age, it has been her passion to coach, educate, and empower families in order to help the family unit thrive. Robin combines her Social Work background and coaching skills with her enthusiasm about ADHD education/knowledge to bring a personalized approach to every client’s experience. Robin also has a keen interest in providing workshops that help families understand ways in which they can work together and ways they can work within their school and community environment.

Ari Petroff, Certified ADD Coach (ADD Coaching Academy, US)

Ari has been involved in coaching of adults and students since 2006. Ari has a personal knowledge of ADHD, being diagnosed with it in 2002. Since achieving his accreditation he has continued to build his practice ranging from adults needing help, to coaching university students from Seneca, Ryerson, York U and McGill. Ari talks to various groups to help explain ADHD and identify where coaching can help individuals to achieve their personal goals.

Jason Froats, Hons BA, ACC, Performance Coach

Jason identifies himself as a performance coach – specializing in helping young adolescents(15+) and adults effectively manage their ADHD and co related disorders (such as general/social anxiety, OCD and Tourettes) He focuses on helping clients achieve improved performance and success in school and work, serving clients internationally, across the United States and Canada in both English and French. Jason helps clients gain better awareness of their often overlooked strengths and how ADHD specifically affects them. Having ADD himself, Jason intimately understands the challenges both students and professional can face in their lives, school and careers. Jason received his coaching accreditation from CoachU and is an graduate of the ADHD specialized coach training from JST Coaching LLC and is actively a practicing coach with the Edge Foundation.

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