Monday, 15 October 2012

Creating A Successful Partnership -- Your ADD/ADHD child and School

Teacher School Meeting – Do’s & Don’ts

«  Schedule meetings in person rather than by phone
«  Be organized before you meet
«  Give the teacher a heads up
«  Set enough time aside for the meeting
«  If possible invite the psychologist
«  Bring pen and paper
«  Be on time!
«  Be a good listener

«  Encounter a teacher first thing in the morning
«  Drop in on a whim after school
«  Communicate big messages by email
«  Only listen to your child’s side of the story
«  Be late!

    For a meaningful meeting try to remember:
«  You and the school are working towards the same goal: your child’s success
«  The ADD child requires more direction, supervision and monitoring
«  To listen to what your child’s teacher has to say
«  Stay calm even if you find yourself getting upset or frustrated
«  To always ask for clarification
«  You “do not” have to make any decisions on the spot

   What to Discuss at the Meeting
«  Your child’s strengths
«  Any relevant personal or social problems that may impede on                                              our child’s learning
«  The teacher’s / your concerns
«  What your teacher is seeing at school regarding the concerns
«  What your child is reporting at home regarding the concerns
«  Making a realistic plan and how to implement it
«  Schedule a time to meet again (if necessary)

  After the Meeting
«  Document what was said
«  Create a master file with all correspondence letters and log phone calls
«  Mark your calendar for the next meeting
«  If meeting did not go well don’t be afraid to raise your concerns at the next level
«  Give positive feedback when things work at school

  Year End
«  Meet with principal to discuss next year’s placement
«  Write a letter to next year’s teacher
«  If possible have your child meet with their teacher for the following year

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